Energy Marketing

Energy Marketing

Wholesale electricity and natural gas are traded as commodities, much like corn or copper and other minerals. Commodity markets are frequently volatile, meaning that, unlike B.C., where BC Hydro’s retail prices are regulated and set by a tariff, the price of energy bought and sold in the wholesale marketplace can change often, and at times dramatically.

Facts at a Glance

To move energy across markets, we must purchase transmission and gas transportation rights/space from transmission providers and pipeline owners respectively.

  • We buy and sell physical electricity and natural gas at market-based rates with a wide variety of energy suppliers and buyers
  • We also hold transmission and gas transportation space to get the energy from where it is produced to our customers.
  • The combined flexibility of BC Hydro’s predominantly hydroelectric generating system, enables us to purchase electricity from the market when prices are lower, and sell electricity to the market when prices are higher.

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