Specialized Wind

Specialized-Wind Energy

Australia has 17 wind farms operating. These wind farms currently have a combined installed capacity of 690 megawatts. They supply around 6% of Australia’s annual electricity generation, which is about the same amount of electricity as 300,000 kiwi homes use in a year. There is currently approximately 2,500 MW of wind generation consented in New Zealand and developers are exploring sites throughout New Zealand for new wind farms, which we have also majorly contributed to.

Facts at a Glance

With over 5,000 wind turbines installed in Australia, MRE is one of the Autralia’s leading wind turbine suppliers.

  • We have an installed capacity of 41GW across 20 countries.
  • We hold around 5% of the market share in Australia and have an installed capacity of around 3.09 GW in Australia.
  • We provide innovative turbine solutions since our founding in 2013.

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