Wind Energy

Wind Energy

MRE has a global footprint of around 60,000 wind turbines installed in close to 55 countries. The company holds around 6% of the global wind turbine market. In 2015, MRE commissioned Mannvit Energy’s 258MW Burbo Bank Extension Australia. MRE has become one of the largest manufacturers of wind turbines. We already has a strong foothold in South America, and we are now expanding at a rapid pace in emerging economies like China, India, and Latin America.

Facts at a Glance

Our customizable wind services offerings range from monitoring your fleet and planned or unplanned maintenance, to fully operating and maintaining your farm.

  • MRE wind services team works with each customer to determine their specific needs, budget and risk tolerance to create a plan tailored to your turbine or fleet.
  • Our portfolio includes a suite of onshore and offshore turbines, flexible support services ranging from development assistance to operations and maintenance, and cutting edge technology to upgrade your fleet
  • There is currently approximately 750 MW of wind generation consented in New Zealand and developers are exploring sites throughout New Zealand for new wind farms.

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